L'Original 200g...


Or our first shaving soap ; the one we started producing in the 1980ies...
... the one we presented at that time in a silkscreened opal glass...
...the one which seduced right away its users with the texture and the abundance of its foam, with the discrete and refined freshness of its perfume based on essential oils of lavender, mint and rosemary...
... the one you loved so much and you outlined so well in your commentaries that you made it our « flagship » product - and we created a whole range for this product.

« The most beautiful story about this soap is your unique story ! » as dear Barbara said...

Practical info :

  • Conditioned in a PETG CRISTAL pot with an aluminum lid.
  • « Ecological » and waterproof labelling which has an excellence resistance to the humidity in bathrooms.
  • Weight of the soap : 200g
  • Total weight : +-510g

The advantages of the shaving soap MdC :

  • Hot saponification process realized in our workshop based on 100% vegetal oils (olive, coconut) and potash(alkali). Thanks to 40 years of experience, we can assure the perfect mastery of this processus.
  • A completely hot saponificated paste assures excellent conservation and stability of the product without having to add a conservatives.
  • At the end of the preparation, by adding the essential oils to the hot paste we can perfume our soaps evenly troughout the whole texture.
  • Weeks of drying will contribute to the soap's quality because during this time water and air is removed out of the soap ! Taking the time for this drying is « crazy » as nowadays everything has to be done very fast...but there is no secret: The paste and the fragrance are highly benefitting from this.