The wooden bowl

Bol Bois pour savon à raser

A very natural appearance gives value to the shaving soap « L'Original » and the paste keeps almost all of its creamy and « fluffy » aspect !
The plain beauty of the hand crafted* beech wood bowl matches marvelously the generous unctuousness of the soap.

Not pressed, its dome shaped paste runs almost over the bowl and symbolizes like this the abundance of the foam which it will produce with some shaving brush movements !

The bowls are filled with the hot paste and the non pressed paste dries over the months, the bowls are arranged on shelves in our workshop.
The soap settles a bit and even if it is slightly hardening, it stays soft.

We recommend you to shake the bowl or to hold it upside down in order to get rid of the water and to avoid the formation of a gap in the center of the paste.

*traditional woodturnig L'Argenton – 86 - THOUARS


Practical information :

  • 200 grams of shaving soap L'Original.
  • Beech wood bowl turned at L'Argenton.
  • Diameter 10cm
  • Height 6,5cm