shaving soap - Shaving Soap

How to use the shaving soap :


Especially developped for shaving, the « shaving soap » Martin de Candre comes close to what has been called « shaving cream » in the old days.

This soap is applied with a shaving brush

1 Moist your face with hot water

2 Wet the shaving brush with hot water, then remove most of the water by shaking the brush (it should not be full of water)

3 Take some of the soap with the shaving brush in circular movements (for some seconds only) to scoop just a little bit of soap on the tip of the brush. Removing the water out of the shaving brush beforehand allows you to work with a soap that stays dry after usage (no waste of the paste).

Foaming the soap

1 Either directly on the face by spreading the first silky and creamy foam which will gradually thicken and become very voluminous and onctuous. This foam will right away adhere to the face and and the « massage » with the shaving brush prepares the skin for the shaving

2 Or by foaming the soap in a small bowl that has been submerged in hot water before and dried not by wiping it dry but simply by turning it upside down. Turn the shaving brush inside the bowl with quick hand gestures: The soap starts foaming and becomes very soon creamy, abondant and smooth. All needed to do now is to apply the foam to your face with the shaving brush and to shave! You will find out that it keeps your skin moist without becoming dry.

  • The obtained foam layer allows a straight razor shavingwith a enjoyable sensation of silkiness and maximum comfort.
  • With all of the obtained foam you can envisage to shave the same area two or three times !

Recommendation from Martin de Candre

1 Remove any excess foam after usage with a towel.

2 To conserve your shaving soap as long as possible :

  • Don't close the lid again: It becomes more dry by contact with the air
  • Turn the pot upside down to remove the water if your soap is very moist after usage